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GB-Gardner Bender 14-075 Alligator Clips Romex CR-100 Cable Ripper/Stripper GB-Gardner Bender 14-078 Alligator Clips
For home, auto and marine applications. Tool slits romex and other non-metallic cable, checks wire gauge 6 to 14. For home, auto and marine applications.
GB-Gardner Bender 14-076 Alligator Clips GB-Gardner Bender 14-077 Alligator Clips Gardner Bender 14-610 Insulated Battery Clamp
For home, auto and marine applications. For home and auto applications. Copper clad insulated battery clamp. Color-coded jacketed handles, 1 black and 1 red. Less than 5" long.
Gardner Bender 42-ALPH Alphabet Circuit Breaker Wire Marker Book Gardner Bender GET-3100 Voltage Tester Gardner Bender RTL-108 Replacement Medium Test Lead
Adhesive backed cloth strips attach to inside of circuit breaker box to label all household circuitry. Book contains two pages, or a total of 90 marker strips. Carded. Test for presence of voltage in live circuits. Tests AC/DC voltage from 80-250 volts. The neon indicator glows when voltage is present and brightens as voltage increases. Insulated housing and 2 inch test leads. Built in pocket clip. Tests DC motors, switches and outlets. With detailed user instructions. Replacement leads for Gardner Bender meters GMT-12A, GMT-18A. UL recognized. Tough ABS Plastic. Flexible cords for easy use.
Gardner Bender 14-630 Battery Clamp Cooper BP914 Circuit Tester Gardner Bender GET-3202 Low Voltage Voltage Tester
For battery, battery charger and testing equipment applications. Copper clad clamps. Handle grips are insulated and color-coded for positive (red) and negative (black) identification. For testing electric circuits from 90 to 600 volt. Detects presence of power on either AC or DC circuits. Identifies circuit conductors. Tests AC/DC voltage from 5-50 volt. Glows when voltage is present and brightens as voltage increases. Insulated alligator clip tests leads. UL Listed. Carded.
Toolbasix JL-SST-401183L Cable Crimper Cooper G-TOOL-L Multi-Gang Installation Tool Milwaukee Clipper GS-40 Adjustable Wire Cutter/Stripper
Cuts and strip wires, crimps ignition terminals. Easy-to-read wire size markings. Helps to align multigang installations of 2 gangs or more. Wall plate fits without additional adjustment. Adjusts to any combination of toggle, decorator and duplex. Built-in bulb level. Includes spring return and lock. Adjustable, hardened spring steel. Strips 10-24 gauge wire.
Gardner Bender GTPS-3100 Cable Stripper Gardner Bender GRT-3500 Outlet Tester GB CR-1000 Cable Ripper
Strips UTP and STP cable up to .24" (6.2mm) OD. Tension release lever, compact design. For use on CAT 3 and CAT 5 cable. Carded. Tests standard receptacles and extension cords to ensure proper wiring. Neon indicators give positive indication of circuit status. Compact unit simply plugs into any standard 3-wire/grounded receptacle or extension cord (110 /125 volt circuits). Tests for six circuit conditions: open ground, open neutral, open hot, hot/ground reverse, hot/neutral reverse and correct wiring. Yellow and red lights provides indication of circuit status or specifies wiring errors. GB Cable Ripper, Premium, 14 - 6 AWG Cable/Wire, 4 in Overall Length, cULus Listed, For Use to Cut Off Cable Jacket
GB-Gardner Bender CT6101 Continuity Testers Gardner Bender GET-213HV High Visibility Dual Indicator Voltage Tester Wire-Aide 79-006N Non-Toxic Wire Pulling Lubricant
Tests for breaks in non-energized wires or cords. 360 degree visual indication. Durable, heavy-duty tip. Flexible lead with insulated alligator clip. Pocket clip. Operates from 2 AAA batteries (included). Large, dual, neon indicators acknowledge presence of voltage. Individual indicators for each voltage range assures reliability of testing. Probes snap on bottom of housing for single hand testing of outlets. Insulated leads and housing. Tests from 100 to 300 volt AC/DC. UL Listed. Heavy cream-like paste. Slides on smoothly and clings throughout the pull. Excellent abrasion protection and cling ability, repels water to some extent. Modified wax base formula dries to a slippery film. Greaseless, non-toxic, will not stain skin, clothing or construction trim; cleans up with soap and hot water. Withstands normal temperature extremes and will not dry out in the container. Remains stable with 3 freeze-thaw cycles. Non-combustible, non-conductive and non-corrosive. Will not damage conduit or insulation. Suitable for fiber-optic wire. Yellow color. In a squeeze bottle. UL Listed.
Gardner Bender GET-3213 3-Range Voltage Tester GB SK-832T Electrician's Screw Kit Gardner Bender GCT-3304 Low Voltage Twin Probe  Continuity Tester
Three-way live circuit tester indicates 120, 240 and 277 volt AC. UL Listed. GB Screw Kit, Electrician's, 120 Pieces, Includes: (20) 2/3 in, (20) 7/8 in, (20) 1 in, (20) 1-1/4 in, (20) 1-5/8 in and  (20) 2 in  Phillips Head Screws, NO 8-32 Phillips Round Head, For Switches, Receptacles and Outlet Applications Economy continuity tester, tests continuity in nonenergized circuits. Features 36" insulated lead with alligator clip end. Fully shielded indicator bulb lights to indicate continuity, Uses 2 AA batteries, not included.
Gardner Bender GS-386 Diagonal Cutting Plier Gardner Bender GS-366 Cable Crimper/Stripper Greenlee 60A-3/4 Stubby Quick Change Auger Bit
Tapered nose allows cutting in tight locations. Dual cutting edge and high-leverage comfort grip handle design for optimal cutting performance. Precision-machined and induction-hardened knives strengthen cutters and provide consistent performance when cutting aluminum, copper and medium-hard steel wire. Strips cable, 10-22 AWG wire, crimps terminals and cuts bolts. Easy-to-read wire size markings. Shorter for better access to tight spaces between studs and joists, will drill 2' and 4' joists. Self-feeding screw point draws bit through all wood types. Replaces special tools such as right angle drills and eliminates multiple steps to cut the hole to size. Overall length 4.5" (144mm) weight .3 lb. (118g). 1/4" hex. Over center single flute design for cleaner holes and less splintering. Marked with bit diameter and catalog number on shank for easy identification. Not for use in wood with nails.
Gardner Bender ET6204 4-Range High Visibility Voltage Tester GB-Gardner Bender LNW-500 Locknut Wrenches Gardner Bender GFI-3501 Manual Outlet Tester
Compact ergonomic design. Hi-impact ABS housing. Visual voltage indication. Snap-in leads are spaced to fit a standard outlet for easy, hands-free testing. Tests for voltage at 120 volt, 240 volt, 277 volt and 480 volt. With pocket clip. cULus Listed. Fits the majority of UL locknuts. Etched markings allow for easy identification, clearly marked tighten and loosen ends. Thin design allows easy maneuvering in tight locations. Durable steel construction. Hooked tip latches onto locknut and maximizes turning leverage. Tests ground fault breakers by overloading circuit and tripping GFCI. Plug tester into any ground fault receptacle (110-125 volt AC) and press black button to overload circuit. Tests for seven conditions; ground fault interruption, open ground, open neutral, open hot, hot/ground reverse, hot/neutral reverse and correct wiring. Yellow and red lights provide indication of circuit status or specify which wire is defective. Carded.
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